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Microsoft Live Search Update Plans Leaked

According to reports, Microsoft is getting ready to release a re-branded version of its "Live Search" in an attempt to become a major player in the search engine game. Since Microsoft recently attempted to join forces with Yahoo , it's not ... surprising that they are looking for new and improved ways to increase their status as a go-to company for online searching. What will come to The Market and When? Messages from Microsoft insiders that were observed on Twitter this week indicate that a pre-beta test version of the "new Live" already exists, and that users can expect some form of ... (view more)

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It Pays to Use Live Search

Microsoft is attempting to get people talking about their search engine through the launch of a new campaign strategy that will offer perks to people and advertisers who use Live Search. One incentive is called "Cashback", which will benefit the ... consumer while ensuring a tremendous increase in online sales for companies who advertise with Live Search. When a user selects an ad on Live Search and makes a purchase, Microsoft will use some of the ad revenue to fund a portion of the purchase. (Source: ) Microsoft is also in the trial stages of a "SearchPerks" incentive which ... (view more)

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HP And Microsoft The Latest Happy Couple

The Google-Microsoft-Yahoo search software love triangle seems to have finally settled down, but now it seems the players will be battling to hook up with hardware firms. Microsoft has just announced a deal with HP to make 'Live Search' the default ... search engine on the firm's computers. The agreement covers all machines sold in the US and Canada from next January on. The HP machines will now come with set as the home page on Internet Explorer, which will also include a toolbar with a Microsoft search box and links to HP's online services. Google did a similar deal with Dell, HP's ... (view more)

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Microsoft's Fowl Strategy for Boosting Search Results

Microsoft became the most widely-used search engine last month, rising from their third spot in May and surpassing both Google and Yahoo (the long-standing most and second-most used search engines respectively). What was Microsoft's recipe for ... success? Playing a deceptive game of chicken! Microsoft's shares climbed to 13.2% in June, an increase of 3% compared to May's figures. Microsoft's recent success came at the expense of rival search engine providers Google and Yahoo. The shares of both companies fell 1% that same month. (Source: ) To induce the influx of users, Microsoft ... (view more)

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Microsoft Launches Live Search Books

With the world going digital, new online products and services are constantly being introduced. Earlier this month, Microsoft expanded their online offerings by launching a beta version of "Live Search Books." With the consortium of blogs and ... message boards on the Internet, sometimes legitimate information is not so easy to find online. A Microsoft spokesperson said that Live Search Books is helping users sort through information by making trusted sources -- that is, published books -- available online: "Live Search Books is advancing the way people search online by digitizing and indexing ... (view more)

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