iPods To Feature Live Audio Recording

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In a recent InfoPackets article (iPod Tiny Projector Unveiled: Optoma Pico) an addition was introduced to the iPod that allowed the device to double as a miniaturized pocket projector.

Now a new addition from Alesis, a major manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, will transform the iPod into a live digital stereo recorder. The Alesis ProTrack will allow users to record live audio from anywhere in the world. The ProTrack boasts two built-in condenser microphones fixed in XY stereo configuration for stereo field recording. (Source: futuremusic.com)

ProTrack also offers users a pair of combination XLR -- 1/4-inch inputs for connection for external microphones and line sources. This means that the members of those local garage bands seen in cities all around the world could soon be singing into microphones connected to their iPods.

Another great feature: every file you record is automatically dated and time-stamped for easy identification and retrieval. Now the only hard part is remembering what was recorded on the labeled date. A changeable limiter also ensures that every recording is uninterrupted and distortion-free.

The ProTrack comes with four AAA alkaline batteries that provide four to five hours of operation. When running on plug-in power using the AC adapter (also included in the bundle), users are given an additional 48V of phantom power which would be ideal for condenser microphones. (Source: alesis.com)

But what does it look like?

The sleek black universal dock makes a standard silver/white iPod appear as a mobile phone within a phone. The exterior also features LED signal indicators and controls for the volume, limiter and 48V phantom power.

Like the Optoma Pico, the ProTrack even comes with a miniaturized tripod to give the iPod digital stereo recorder a classic look.

The Alesis ProTrack will be available at select audio dealers this Christmas season and is expected to sell for around $399.99 USD. Online shoppers looking for a deal should visit this site, where it is currently being sold for just $199.99 USD (with free shipping incentives based on location).

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