Survey Shows How Far Americans Will Go for Web Access

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Given that you're reading this right now, it's a fair bet that the web, or Internet access, is important to you. But, how important is it? In a recent survey, Harris Interactive found that women would rather give up "relations" for two weeks than access to the information superhighway.

According to details on a survey recently released by chip manufacturer Intel (who commissioned the study), 46 per cent of women queried about the importance of the Internet versus "hanky-panky" replied that they would be more willing to engage in abstinence than lose their web access. By comparison, only 30 per cent of men surveyed were willing to forego intercourse. In other words, it seems most guys still prefer the real thing to "adult" images and videos -- or their email. (Source:

The American survey, conducted in November of this year, included a total of 2,119 adults. Harris found that the older the woman, the more likely she'd answer in the affirmative on skipping intimacy for the Internet. Although 49 per cent of women aged 18 to 34 preferred Internet access, those aged 35 to 44 were three per cent (52%) more likely to shirk bedroom relations for a good time online.

The survey is intended to reveal the extent of America's dependency on the world wide web. Although at first glance a study comparing intimacy with the Internet seems nonsensical, in actuality it reveals the extent U.S. residents are willing to go in order to keep their online connections.

Other stats unearthed by the survey are equally interesting. A majority of those polled (87 per cent) believe the web saves them money, mostly by giving consumers the ability to research different products, compare prices, find online coupons, discounts, and promotions before making an educated purchase. For those not convinced that the Internet is the future of home entertainment, take note of this stat: the majority of adults said they'd be willing to give up TV for two weeks rather than lose the web for just one.

So, are women more likely to make the 'ultimate sacrifice'?

Not necessarily. Reuters reports a British study conducted by electronics retailer Comet in which nearly half of the men polled stated that they would give up sex for six full months in return for a fifty-inch plasma TV. (Source:

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