Win7 Launch Party Finalists Announced, Plus Details

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Microsoft has begun confirming which members of the public will be hosting Windows 7 Launch Parties. In return for holding the promotional event, hosts will get a free copy of the Ultimate edition of the new system.

Microsoft is organizing the events through, a site known for coordinating corporate events. The hope is that enthusiastic Windows users will help promote the new system and convert any skeptics.

Host Selection Process

There has already been some confusion with the host selection process. Microsoft's plan was to send out an email to selected finalists, who were then invited to click a link to reconfirm their interest. The firm would then choose the party hosts from the people who did so. However, there's been at least one incident of a user receiving an email confirming them as a host before receiving a message that they were a finalist. (Source:

Hosts Receive Detailed Instructions

Those selected as hosts are given detailed instructions about what to do during the party. Guests won't be playing pin the tail on the donkey or the conga -- instead, the hosts will have to follow a script will instead be demonstrating new features in Windows 7. If you want an idea of how Microsoft thinks the events should go, check out the cringeworthy host guide video.

Goodies Galore

Despite the host script, at least there's a pretty packed bag of goodies going to every host selected for the parties. As well as getting their own copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, they'll receive a deck of cards, poster, puzzle and table decoration with the Windows 7 logo, plus a packet of napkins and ten tote bags to give to guests.

Those holding parties in the United States will also get streamers and balloons. It's hard to imagine anyone getting particularly ecstatic about these gifts, but you never know what they might fetch on eBay. (Source:

While not a major expense to the likes of Microsoft, the firm will be spending a significant amount buying and shipping out these parcels. A map on the official site showing the number of parties in particular cities suggests there will be well over 10,000 events across the U.S. alone. Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed how many people applied or were selected.

Don't Forget: Win7 Requires Fresh Install

Parties can be held anytime between October 22nd, 2009 (the day the system is released) and October 29th. Given that hosts are getting a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, which will need a clean install for anyone using the more common Home Premium edition of Vista, that time table should help avoid the embarrassing problem of people turning up to parties to find the host is still working on installation.

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