Internet Explorer: with Tabbed Web Browsing, anyone?

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Infopackets Reader Ken T. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

In mid-May of this year, you posted an article concerning "Which web browser is the most secure?"

In the article, you commented on using FireFox as an alternative to Internet Explorer because it's more compact, uses less system resources, and most of all -- because it supports Tabbed Web Browsing. As you have discussed, Tabbed web browsing allows the user to reference multiple web pages using 'tabs' at the top of the browser, rather than referencing each individual page via the Task Bar near the bottom of the screen.

My comment today is with respect to another alternative freeware browser, called SlimBrowser. It's by a company called, and has been available for quite some time now. SlimBrowser is an overlay for Internet Explorer -- so it looks and acts much like Internet Explorer in many respects. The bonus, of course, is that SlimBrowser also provides tabbed web browsing, a popup blocker, automatic updating, a reveal/white list, group and auto-login functions, and a whole host of other useful features including search engine bars, support for AI RoboForm, and more! SlimBrowser has it's own icon, so you can launch SlimBrowser whenever you want, or you can switch back directly to Internet Explorer by launching the IE icon. Both programs share Bookmarks, so if you bookmark in IE, it will also be there in SlimBrowser!

I most certainly recommend SlimBrowser as an enhancement to Internet Explorer -- especially if you prefer Internet Explorer to Firefox; plus, it has a much slicker-looking presentation and can be tweaked exactly to your liking. [Hint: once you have it installed, you can click View -> Skins -> Disable Skin to make it look *exactly* like Internet Explorer, then right-click the toolbars at the top to enable / disable the ones you want].

My question is: have you heard of or tried SlimBrowser? Any thoughts? "

My response:

Actually, I've never heard of SlimBrowser before. But after Googling for "slimbrowser review", I stumbled across (a reputable freeware source on the 'net). The users of have rated this with an 'excellent' rating, so I'm sure it's worth checking out. Thanks for the heads up -- this one looks extremely impressive! PS: The makers of SlimBrowser recommend using RoboForm with their browser -- and I agree! If you haven't had a chance to try out RoboForm, you can read an in-depth review of RoboForm online our site (click here / also includes a link to download). For those who don't know: RoboForm is a web page form filler / web site password remembering program. RoboForm has received a *ton* of praise from our Readers -- and in my opinion, is an essential web browser plugin for Internet Explorer, FireFox, and SlimBrowser. Heck, I use RoboForm at least 50 times a day!

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