Google 'Pixel' Laptop Features 'Best' Screen Ever

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Google has unveiled a powerful and pricy touchscreen laptop it calls 'Pixel.' The device, which offers shockingly little storage space but access to a 1 terabyte (TB) online storeroom, is being designed with cloud-connected users in mind.

In some ways the Google Pixel is very similar to Apple's MacBook Air. For one, it's extremely thin and lightweight. Second, with the WiFi model priced at $1,299 and a LTE-connected edition going for $1,499, the high cost will be familiar to Apple users.

"Brightest, Best Screen ... Ever": Google

Also familiar: a super-lush display. In fact, Google calls its 4.3-million-pixel display the "highest-resolution, brightest, best screen that's ever been put in a laptop computer." (Source:

It's a statement intended to catch the attention of computer users wowed by Apple's famous Retina Display, which can now be found on the iPad and MacBook Pro.

But there are major differences between Apple's Air and the Pixel. For one, the Pixel runs on Google's own Chrome operating system. That could be a problem for people accustomed to popular Microsoft software products like Office.

Second, the Pixel features a surprisingly small amount of storage space -- just 32 or 64 gigabytes of flash memory, in fact. (Source:

Google Commits to the Cloud

But Google is offering Pixel buyers access to more than 1TB of online 'cloud' storage accessible from any web-connected device, indicating that the firm may not expect people to use this pricy laptop as their sole computer.

"There's a set of users who spend money to buy full-fledged laptops, but this is targeted to a segment who have committed to living in the cloud," noted Google vice president Sundar Pichai. (Source:

The Pixel is now available through Google's own online store as well as the Best Buy website. Unfortunately, it seems only a few brick-and-mortar Best Buy locations will have Pixels on hand for consumers to try out.

That will only add to rumors that Google is planning to open its own retail locations in the near future.

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