Explorer Windows Wont Open Maximized When Launched?

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Recently, my Explorer windows stopped positioning themselves properly on the screen.

While flipping through emails and web pages in a fiendish learning frenzy, I offset an Explorer window to one side in order to get to another.

When I finished what I was working on, I closed all Windows and shut the computer down. Since then, all Explorer windows I launch are opening in an offset position.

Desperate times seek desperate measures.

In an attempt to fix the problem, I've tried closing all Explorer Windows, launching a new one, repositioning it in both minimized / maximized settings, and then closed the Window (hoping that my settings would some how "take") -- but it appears that Windows has suddenly become senile and refuses to launch the window maximized like it once did.

So, why does this happen and how can it be fixed? Unfortunately, I don't know the answer -- which is why I'm asking Infopackets Readers for help on this one. If you know the answer, please send me your suggestion.

Update 2003/06/10: This article has been updated. Click here to read!

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