SiS Khooker Downloadware and Video Display Trouble?, Part 2

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With respect to yesterday's feature article, "SiS KHooker, DownloadWare, and Video Display Trouble?" (Gazette, 20030917), Sarah M. writes:

" Dennis,

I did some research on my own and found that SiS KHooker.exe is not a homepage hijacker (as far as I know). Here is the info on that from the task list [URL not given]:

' Khooker (KHooker.exe by Silicon Integrated Systems – SiS): Description: SiS Keyboard Daemon. System Tray utility which gets installed by the drivers of the latter day SiS VGA cards. The utility itself is not of much use in our opinion and may occasionally be contributing to Windows startup problems, although we have not been able to establish this for certain. Recommendation: Remove this Entry from using a Startup Manager or RegEdit. ' "

Side note: A Daemon is a program which runs automated "in the background" of an Operating System such as Windows. Daemon programs often sit idle, and awaken once a condition is met.

My response:

I stand corrected.

The prefix "SiS" is familiar to me, but I also thought it is equally possible that the SiS prefix could have been part of the malware filename entry. It is important to note, however, that there is a malware program called KHooker.exe -- as I mentioned in yesterday's newsletter -- which is malicious by design, but completely different than the legitimate "SiS KHooker", as Sarah points out.

Thanks, Sarah!

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