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Today, Anne from Canada told me of a very strange situation with her computer.

She writes:

" Hi Dennis! I have a question. Sometimes there is an image under the email page, or Internet page, and it has a small eye with a white box and a red X in it. It annoys me, and I try to get rid of it, but nothing works. Could this be some sort of Spy, because that's what it reminds me of. It's not always there for long, and then disappears. Any ideas? "

My Response:

All I can say is: "that's weird!", and maybe you've got some type of Spyware installed on your system? I've never heard of this problem before, and the fact that the image disappears after a short period of time is very strange indeed. When I don't know the answer to a question, the first thing I do is go to and type in a few keywords and hope that it takes me somewhere. Unfortunately, "small eye white box red x" didn't come up with anything at all.

PS: You should definitely scan your system for Spyware. I use Spy Sweeper (also by Webroot Software) and found that it works very well in preventing and eliminating Spyware -- plus it's super easy to use. Full review here:

Spy Sweeper Review

Has any Infopackets Reader heard of Anne's problem before? Please email me your suggestions.

Update 2003/09/23: This article has been updated. Click here to read!

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