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Infopackets Reader Doug L. wrote in with another question:

" Many thanks for your quick response to my concern about GuruNet. I checked out your suggestions and appreciate your advice. I'm straight now and I will again download GuruNet for my 3 school-age sons.

I have another question, if you don't mind. My oldest son (even though I told him not to) installed Kazaa on our family computer and downloaded some music. The problem now is that ALTNET [a third-party advertising program] has been installed on my machine along with Kazaa. It seems to be controlling my system by automatically connecting me to the Internet. Do you have any advice on how I can rid my system of this parasite?

You may want to post this question in your newsletter, as I'm sure a lot of your subscribers have a teenager whom they share a computer with. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated, and keep up the good work because we all need your advice! "

My response:

You're welcome, and I hope you enjoy using GuruNet as much as I do. Because I'm asked similar questions concerning Kazaa and Spyware quite frequently, I'd like to take the opportunity to address a number of issues.

RE: After installing Kazaa, a third-party advertising program was also installed.

As a Kazaa replacement, many computer users today are using a program called Kazaa Lite (also known as 'KLite' or 'K Lite K++'). Kazaa Lite is the exact same as Kazaa, but does not contain third-party advertising software bundled inside the Kazaa executable. As it turns out, the KLite project was shut down due to copyright infringement by Sharman Networks (owners of the original Kazaa). Popular domain names which once pointed to the Kazaa Lite web site (such as have since been removed or 'bought out' by cybersquatters.

Side note: querying for the term "download kazaa lite" in a search engine will most likely lead to a cybersquatter site which is purposely misleading users into purchasing a Kazaa membership. A cybersquatter is "an individual that has reserved one or more commercially viable [web] domain name(s) with the intent to sell them to the individual or organization willing to pay the highest price for the name. In many cases, the domain name that has been reserved by the cybersquatter has already been trademarked or service marked by another organization." (Source:

It would be wrong for me to post a link to download Kazaa Lite; however, what I can tell you is that a number of places on the web are intermittently hosting the executable (kazaa_lite_kpp_243_english.exe). If you want to download Kazaa Lite, you'll have to search for it yourself (using Google or whichever search engine you use). To my understanding, Kazaa Lite is still fully functional.

RE: The Spyware software 'ALTNET' is controlling my computer.

Removing any Spyware can be achieved using a generic approach. Note that if you have Spyware on your machine that is named differently than ALTNET, simply substitute the word ALTNET using the below instructions:

  1. First, try a freeware Spyware removal tool to uninstall ALTNET from your system; try AdAware (free) or SpyBot S&D (my personal favorite for a freeware solution).  
  2. If that fails, follow my guide on how to manually remove any Spyware BHO from your system. Don't forget to backup your Registry before making any changes to your system.  
  3. If you're still stuck after that, search Google for "ALTNET remove" or "ALTNET uninstall" for ALTNET removal instructions.

And for superior Spyware protection, please consider purchasing a subscription to Spy Sweeper by Webroot (I personally use it on my own system). Spy Sweeper stops Spyware *before* it has a chance to install onto your system and cause any damage. You can read a review on Spy Sweeper in our newsletter here.

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