Windows Search Companion Rover Keeps Changing?

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Infopackets Reader David J. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I seem to have lost 'Rover The Dog' Search Companion (Start -> Search in Windows XP). Somehow, Rover got off his leash and has now been replaced with MSN Search. I would like very much to put Rover back onto the left side of my computer screen, as he has always been a faithful companion to me and my Dell computer that I bought back in 1998. The funny thing is: Rover is still on my 'Search for files and Folders' page, but not on some of my other pages. Can you help me in getting Rover to Stay? "

My response:

I've been asked this (and similar) questions before.

You can change the Search Companion (Rover) in Windows XP by clicking Start -> Search -> Files / Folders -> Change Search Preferences -> With a Different Character.

As far as I understand, the Search Companion character should appear on all related Search pages, so I'm not sure why you've got the MSN Butterfly on one page and Rover on another.

I tried searching Google for an explanation as to why this may occur, but couldn't come up with anything -- other than a Spyware infection, or it may be that your Internet Service Provider is MSN and they have a special MSN web browser which has the MSN Butterfly as its Internet Search Companion. It could also be that your System Registry is messed up and some of the Search Pages are pointing to the wrong character (in which case, resetting the Search Companion character as I instructed may help).

Nonetheless, I'm stumped.

If anyone has a solution to David's dilemma, please email me your solution (link below).

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