Cant Copy and Paste Text As Filename in MS Office?

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Infopackets Reader Simon W. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I made the transition from Windows 95 to XP a few years ago, and since the upgrade, I've noticed a change in the way the 'Save As' dialogue box works with MS Word.

For example: Under Windows 95, I would select a section of a document, copy it, and then paste it into the Save As dialogue box, and the document would save with that filename.

However, now when I right-click over top of the Save As dialogue box under Windows XP, I don't have the option to 'Copy' or 'Paste' anymore (as I once did in Windows 95). Hence, I have to manually type in a file name each time I save a document.

Is there any way I can re-enable the Copy and Paste menu or has this option been removed with later versions of MS Word? "

My response:

You are correct: the Copy and Paste right-click menu has been removed from the Save As dialogue box in MS Office. I have no idea why Microsoft did this, but the feature is available with other programs that I use.

At any rate, you can get around this "problem" by copying text as you normally would (for example: highlight the text, then press CTRL-C to [C]opy it into your clipboard), then when you use the Save As dialogue box, press CTRL-V to paste the copied text. Alternatively, you can use Shift-Insert to paste the text.

Note, however, that when you copy a line of text, it cannot contain a carriage return (new line feed), or this paste will not work.

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