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Patronizing is everywhere in the business world. It can happen between any two companies at any time, but there's always one reason behind it: money.

Recently, the two competing Internet browsers from Microsoft and Mozilla were released to web users across the world. In the weeks since, two of the most popular search engines have "chosen" their favorites, with Yahoo recommending Internet Explorer 7 and Google pushing Firefox 2.

The most recent finding is Yahoo's encouragement that searchers use IE7 over the competition. If a user decides to follow the engine's advice, he or she will find that the downloaded version of Microsoft's browser uses Yahoo as a standard search default. It's kind of like buying a Nissan Sentra already equipped with brakes from the popular aftermarket brand, Brembo. (source:

"News for Nerds" Slashdot reporters believe Google is doing the same for Mozilla's Firefox. It might be a sign that Google has confidence in the upcoming power of Firefox, and may be the perfect relationship for two tech tools that have slowly worked their way up from nothing. (source:

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it has been left with the dud. Yahoo represents a slim percentage of total Internet searches compared to the almighty power of Google, meaning that the relationship with Yahoo may have been devised to simply get SOME clicks while Firefox 2 benefits from a much more lucrative friendship.

This could be bigger news than the tiny print asking one to download an affiliate web browser. We'll have to watch in the next months to see if either one of IE7 or Firefox 2 rise (or fall) as a result of their new allegiances.

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