'Conference Xp', and 'Codec Installer'

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Conference Xp

Microsoft ConferenceXP Client enables you to see and hear others in a virtual collaborative space, called a venue. Delivering high-quality, low-latency audio and video over broadband connections, ConferenceXP supports the development of real-time collaboration and videoconferencing applications. It also serves as an open research platform by providing a flexible, common framework for designing and implementing collaborative learning applications. With ConferenceXP capabilities, you can collaborate on an electronic whiteboard or on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, send messages to each other, and more. This release offers several enhancements, includes a new capability, and supports IPv6 along with Reflector Service 1.2, Archive Service 1.1, and Venue Service 2.


Codec Installer

CodecInstaller is a Windows program that detects which Audio and Video codecs are installed on your system and that suggest you to install the ones necessary to correctly view any movie. It's designed to be burned on a CD together with a compressed video, to be always able to play them. The users who receive the CD, with a single tool with a simple and intuitive interface, can check if the necessary codecs are already installed and up-to-date and with just a click can install the ones required. Who distributes videos on CDs can include this program to be sure that who have to see the video, will have all the necessary codecs installed. CodecInstaller can be also used just to have the complete list of the installed codecs on your machine and detailed information on them.


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