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Apple's iPhone 5S Suffers 'Blue Screen of Death'

Thought the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" (BSoD) only affected Windows computers? Not quite. According to reports, Apple's newest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5S , can also suffer BSoD. The Blue Screen of Death is an error screen that appears ... after a system crash. On Windows-based computers the BSoD appears when a system encounters an error from which it cannot recover. In most cases, the only way to reclaim control of the system is to initiate a hard reboot. That often results in the loss of any unsaved data and a whole lot of cursing by the user. No Single Explanation for iPhone ... (view more)

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Apple to Unveil iPhone 5S in June 2013: Report

Apple is reportedly getting ready to release the iPhone 5S, the company's next iPhone offering. And while little is known about the features that will be offered, a recently discovered Apple patent application might have shed some light on the ... topic. The patent, which was first filed back in September 2011 (but had only surfaced earlier this week) outlines an Apple proposal for up to two AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED) screens for a new device. AMOLED screens are known to house faster pixel-switching capabilities, meaning that response times are even greater than standard OLED displays. Whole ... (view more)

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iPhone 5S Due June 2013: Analyst Predicts Features

A prominent tech industry analyst has predicted that an update to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, will ship in June 2013. Aside from improved hardware specifications, the analyst believes the new device will also come in a number of different colors. ... Jeffries analyst Peter Misek recently unveiled his predictions for a new version of the iPhone 5. Misek believes the device will come equipped with a "super HD" camera and screen and will feature a longer battery life. iPhone 5S to Receive Long-Awaited NFC Technology Misek also believes an updated iPhone 5 will receive Near-Field Communication (NFC ... (view more)

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