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Lenovo Unveils $199 Tablet PC: IdeaPad A1

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has in recent weeks stirred up a media hornet's nest by knocking $300 off its discontinued TouchPad tablet. But the low priced tablets aren't over yet -- Lenovo has just announced a cheap tablet, but unlike the TouchPad, it's ... not yet obsolete. On Thursday Lenovo unveiled the IdeaPad Tablet A1, which comes with a relatively small 7-inch screen and runs Google's Android operating system (OS). It's also just 400 grams and is only a half-inch thick, making it a portable little device. According to Lenovo, it also boasts a seven hour battery life. (Source: pcworld.com ) ... (view more)

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Adding Dates in MS Excel

You can add a date in MS Excel by simply using the =SUM function. Since Excel stores dates as a number of days, no further effort is required of you. Follow the steps below to see how to add dates: To add five days to 08/25/07, type the date in A1. ... In B1 type =A1+5, which will give you 08/30/07. To add a number of months or years to a date, you first will need to decompose the initial date into its year, month and day components, add in the desired offset, and then have Excel put the components back together. Follow along below: Type a date in A1, to which you would like to add 3 months and 4 ... (view more)

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