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What programs are running in the background?, Part 2

Last week, Stan L. Jr. sent in a question which asked what should be done when a program attempts to suddenly "call home" and request a connection to the Internet. Recall: " A few days ago, I was using my computer when all the sudden, I noticed that ... some program decided that it wanted to access the Internet. I tried to cancel the request to connect to the Internet, but the bugger kept coming back asking for a connection. I then decided to try the "3 finger salute" by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL at the same time to bring up Task Manager, but no programs were listed here ... (view more)

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Outlook Express has removed access to unsafe attachments?

Infopackets Reader Joyce J. write s: " Dear Dennis, Outlook Express keeps telling me that it has 'removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail: Fw_ (and it lists the subject).' Now I cannot gain access to the email. I've just ... started having this problem about a week ago after installing the MS02-047: August 22, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer ( Q323759 ). I sure don't want any virus but these are e-mails from people I know and trust. I have McAfee firewall Plus and VirusScan Online and never have received this message before. Has anyone else received this ... (view more)

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Is Explorer and Internet Explorer the same program?

Infopackets Reader Linda S. write s: " Dear Dennis, With regards to the last newsletter , is it possible that you are assuming that Christine R. accidentally stated that Windows Explorer was trying to access the internet and that she actually meant ... that Internet Explorer was trying to get access? My firewall also will not allow me to have access to the internet unless I give both Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer access. Her question may have been a typo but I think maybe she is having the same problem as I am. Can you offer any suggestions to remedy this? " My Response: I'm ... (view more)


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