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Phishing by Phone

Internet scam artists are now using the telephone to breach your privacy and your bank accounts and it seems to be working. Last week the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center raised the alarm about the increasing number of phishing attacks that are ... using a combination of email and telephone. (Source: ) The use of the telephone in these schemes is a departure from the email-only type of phishing assault and is catching many companies and individuals unawares. In the past, typical email phishing scams have involved making various representations via email and asking users to ... (view more)

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AOL: Once You Join, You Can't Leave! has posted what appears to be an AOL customer service manual that details how company representatives are expected to handle users who wish to cancel their service. AOL phone reps are allegedly required to wear customers down into ... keeping their accounts by employing various questionable tactics -- including assaulting the user with a barrage of annoying sales pitches and asking invasive personal questions to get more information on file. One of the instructions listed in the AOL employee document: "KEEP DIGGING!!" AOL has declined to verify the legitimacy of the manual posted ... (view more)

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Photobucket Give-away

Two years ago, I started up a blog to document my adventures in freeware. Unfortunately, I later discovered that my blog host didn't allow me to store any images on my site. The reasoning was that images can eat up a lot of bandwidth, and bandwidth ... costs money. So (for example): if 100 people came to visit my site and they all viewed a picture that was 50k in size, that would eat up (100 x 50) = 5000k, or 5 megabytes in bandwidth. Obviously this isn't an issue if you're a small-time blogger like myself; nonetheless, if a blog host [company] is hosting 1000 blog sites and there's 100 people ... (view more)

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Lock down Windows XP from unauthorized use?

Infopackets Reader Glenda 'LadyInRed' writes: " Dear Dennis, Since I am not that tech-savvy when it comes to making changes on a computer system, I have decided to ask this question. I hope that you can give me an answer to it, then I can stop ... trying to figure it out on my own. I have a son that is 27 years old and he is very intelligent when it comes to the computer. He likes to get on my computer since I have a fast Internet connection (DSL), and downloads music using Kazaa. The problem is that every time that Kazaa is installed onto my computer it causes a lot of problems. I have ... (view more)

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Access old user account files under WinXP?

Infopackets Reader 'farzee2k' writes: " My friend has windows XP installed on his system. Somehow, he deleted his account so he is not able to access the files stored in his My Documents folder. He does not have access to the Administrator account ... either, so when he logs on through another user account, he cannot access the files stored in his original account. Is there anyway he can access those files?" My Response: All user account folders are (by default) located in C:\Documents and Settings. And, some user folders in the Documents and Settings directory are hidden. Therefore, I ... (view more)

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Change user login name (Windows XP)?

Infopackets Reader Brandon 'SpongeBoob' writes: " Dear Dennis, Much thanks for your article on changing paths to the My Documents / Pictures folder -- however, this time I have a new question! Do you have any idea on how to change a login user name ... for Windows XP? For example: I want to modify my user account name in the Documents and Settings folder, as well as the Start menu and logon / log off screen names. Any ideas? " My response: You can change your login screen name, as well as password, picture, account type, and .NET passport options though the Control Panel. To do this: ... (view more)


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