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Google to Predict Flight Delays before Airlines

Google is attempting to predict flight delays before airlines announce them. In some cases, it might be before the airline even knows it is going to happen. The new feature will be added to Google Flights, a service that lets users compare different ... options and find the best flight for their needs. This can take account of factors such as whether the user wants to prioritize price, direct flights vs layovers and total travel time. It also allows users to compare details such as baggage allowance. Incoming Flight Delays Among Key Data Once a user has booked a flight, the service can already ... (view more)

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Airlines Combat High Fuel Prices with Ads on Boarding Passes

Those hoping to do a little traveling this summer may be wondering why the price of airline tickets has increased so drastically. As you might expect, the price of fuel has impacted the entire airline industry resulting in less consumers and ... inflated costs. In an effort to generate extra revenue, five major airlines will soon place advertisements on boarding passes. The five airlines (Delta, Northwest, U.S. Airways, United and Continental) have all signed contracts with Sojern, a small Omaha-based start-up company. The deal will allow e-boarding passes to be filled with target ads, coupons, ... (view more)

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