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Align Objects on a Slide in PowerPoint 2007

It makes your presentation look orderly and professionally when you have everything aligned nicely. It makes it easier to follow along while you are speaking with your presentation showing. Follow the steps below to learn how to align objects: Click ... the first object. Use CTRL and click each subsequent object in turn. Select Drawing Tools | Format and click the Align button. From the menu, select an option such as Align Left or Align Bottom. Your presentation never looked better did it? When you become a member at, you have access to this and many, many more articles ... (view more)

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Align Numbers in a Table Using a Decimal Tab in PowerPoint 2007

Sometimes you want to use numbers in a table, but darn! you want to use currency numbers and it takes forever and a day to tab and space in a table in PowerPoint! Well guess what? Your troubles are over because I am going to tell you how to ... accomplish this! To align a number to a decimal tab in a table cell, you must insert a tab character before the number in a PowerPoint 2007 table. Follow the steps below to learn how: Add a Decimal Tab to a Single Table Cell: In the Navigation pane, click the slide that you would like to edit. If you do not see the Ruler, click to select the Ruler check ... (view more)

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Align, Stack and Group Object: MS Word

When you have created several drawing objects that together make up the diagram or art for your document using MS Word, you may want to align them precisely, arrange them in various layers on top of one another, or group them to be a single unit. ... The choices via the Draw menu of the Drawing toolbar make this very easy for you. To align several objects, select them, choose Draw | Align or Distribute, and specify an alignment. You align them relative to each other or relative to the page, depending on whether Relative to Page is checked at the bottom of the menu. Objects that overlap each other ... (view more)

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