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Lastest HP TouchPad Deal a Stinker

The heavily discounted Hewlett-Packard (HP) TouchPad has returned to store shelves and is currently available for a still very reasonable $149. Unfortunately, there's a rather steep requirement to the deal: those interested in the TouchPad will have ... to purchase a select computer in order to get the HP tablet at the reduced price. And even then, the HP Touchpad is still considered obsolete. TouchPad Price Reduction Leads to Buyer Frenzy The TouchPad buying 'bonanza' started this past summer when HP announced it would discontinue the unit only 2 months after its initial launch in July, slashing ... (view more)

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Yahoo, Google, and MySpace 'Socialize'

MySpace, Orkut, Bebo, Friendster, Twitter and of course Facebook have changed the Internet. By leading the Web 2.0 charge, social networks have had a big influence on how we interact online. Last week, Google announced that it would join with Yahoo ... and MySpace to form the Open Social Foundation. The new group will work together to promote the application programming interface (API) OpenSocial. APIs are the source codes that programmers use to develop applications for use on social networking sites such as Facebook's SuperWall and Scrabulous. (Source: ) The idea is to promote a ... (view more)

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Facebook's Mea Culpa

Less than a month after Facebook announced its Beacon advertising program, the social-networking company has made a serious retreat from its initial plans. In a statement on Facebook's blog last Wednesday CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a public apology ... for the way Beacon was introduced. "We simply did a bad job with this release, and I apologize for it," Zuckerberg said. Beacon was Facebook's most recent attempt at finding a way to monetize the increasingly popular web site. The initial launch was announced on November 6, with 44 high-profile companies signed on for the kick-off. Beacon began as ... (view more)

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Who'll Take Down MS Office?

Just about everyone is out to get Microsoft. That's the problem with being a virtual hegemonic state; like the U.S., everyone wants a piece of the pie and it often means taking it by force. So, just what are the primary threats to Microsoft? When it ... comes to its the company's Office "turf", the competitors are now lining up, and neither the products nor their makers are slouches by any means. In the following week, three tech titans announced plans to bring down the god of business software, Microsoft and its Office. Yahoo, Google, and even IBM have plans to develop competing software with ... (view more)

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