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How to Fix: Disable Thunderbird Update Notification

Infopackets Reader Gary H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've come across an older article you wrote which explains how to disable Thunderbird 'new mail' notifications from popping up constantly in the tray bar. The issue that I'm having has to do with a ... barrage of notifications that tell me that an update is available for Thunderbird. Is there a way to stop this from appearing all the time? " My response: Mozilla Thunderbird releases updates once in a while, so I'm am not sure why you are receiving constant reminders to update the program. There are two possibilities that come to mind: You've ... (view more)

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ASUS Automatic Updates Compromised by Hackers

PC and laptop manufacturer ASUS unwittingly installed malware on its customers' laptops, according to a cyber security company. The malware went out to around a million people, yet appears to have been a highly targeted attack. The claims come from ... Kaspersky Lab, with rival firm Symantec confirming it has found similar evidence of the attack. At the time of writing, ASUS has yet to comment publicly on the claims. (Source: ) According to Kaspersky Lab, the hackers took advantage of ASUS Live Update Utility. That's a tool by which ASUS automatically updates software on laptops, ... (view more)

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Explained: How to Know if Windows Updates are Working (and What to Do if They Aren't)

Infopackets Reader Howard N. writes: " Dear Dennis, In regard to the WannaCry Internet worm which can infect all Windows PCs that have not yet been patched using Windows Updates - how can I make sure that my Windows Update is operating properly, and ... that I am receiving my updates automatically? I enjoy your newsletter - please keep it up and have a nice day! " My response: Generally speaking: you should be able to go to the "Windows Update" service within Windows, and it should tell you when updates were last received. If you haven't received any updates for a while - or if you have your ... (view more)

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Most Users Don't Use Windows Update Properly: Report

A new report suggests that many users who use the Windows Update feature to automatically download and install the latest security patches from Microsoft do not have an up-to-date operating system. Windows Update gives users two options: manual and ... automatic updates. With the manual option, users must initiate security downloads themselves, which can be carried out when it's most convenient. On the other hand, the automatic option alerts users to necessary updates and begins the download and installation process without requiring user input. Most Windows Users Delay Automatic Updates The ... (view more)

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Block and Remove / Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been released as of November 1, 2006. If you're not ready for it yet, there are a few options to prevent its installation through Automatic Updates. Personally, I update my computer manually, so I can see what's being ... installed before it's installed. Reports say that IE7 is more secure and has more functionality than Internet Explorer 6 (some improvements include tabbed browsing and a built-in RSS reader) -- but I prefer to wait until they get a few more bugs worked out and some patches for the flaws that still exist before I'll agree to install it myself. Many ... (view more)

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'Major' Critical Updates released from Microsoft: July, 2004

Over the last 2 weeks, Microsoft has issued a number of patches related to exploits recently discovered in Internet Explorer. Today, I received 2 additional notifications: one of them listed as critical and, if not applied immediately, may allow ... "remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a malicious website or JOB file." (Source: ) Yikes! This section of the Gazette is normally dedicated to answering questions I receive from Readers between the time that newsletters are sent out; however, this time, I feel it is imperative to inform Readers of the importance of ... (view more)

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