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Internet-enabled Cars Vulnerable to Attack, says Expert

Is your car less likely than your desktop computer to be infected with malware? The answer may surprise you. Security expert Mark O'Neill believes that automotive companies need to think very carefully about protecting the high-tech vehicles they're ... now offering consumers in greater numbers than ever before. O'Neill currently serves as vice president of innovation at UK-based software firm Axway. His scary prediction for 2014 is that we'll see far more hackers target vehicles than in previous years. More Malicious Attacks Coming, Expert Says "I think we are going to see ... (view more)

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Microsoft Unveils Windows 7 For Cars

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled Windows Embedded Automotive 7, a Windows platform specially built for use in new vehicles. The system includes several new features that should drastically enhance the driving experience, including speech recognition ... operations, touch screen controls, hands-free Bluetooth, and perhaps most unique of all, entertainment and information options ranging from satellite maps to music and third-party applications. Bringing Tech Together Behind the Wheel Gartner Industry Advisory Service Manufacturing group vice president Thilo Koslowski says the use of a Windows 7 ... (view more)

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