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'Facing Facebook Consequences' Not So Bad After All

Last week, I reported on the controversial case of social networking fan Chris Avenir, a Canadian university student facing expulsion for creating a Facebook group dedicated to providing hints for an upcoming exam. Seems Avenir won't be expelled ... after all, a result that has many in the web world -- and at Ryerson University -- applauding. Avenir, a first-year computer engineering student at Ryerson in Toronto, Ontario, first came under fire for his "Dungeons/Mastering Chemistry Solutions" group. The eighteen year old was harassed by school administrators who believed the group's sole purpose ... (view more)

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Facing the Consequences of Facebook

Who's watching Facebook? More than just your World of Warcraft pals and drinking mates, it seems. A Toronto university student recently found out the hard way that the way you network in the virtual world can have very real consequences in the ... physical. Chris Avenir, 18, is facing severe punishment -- perhaps even expulsion -- for creating a Facebook group designed to help students at Ryerson University exchange answers for how to fool an online testing system. Called "Dungeons/Mastering Chemistry Solutions", the group racked up about 147 members, most from the school's first year chemistry ... (view more)

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