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Microsoft May Buy Nook eReader Business

Microsoft is reportedly bidding to take over control of the Nook eReader from Barnes ... (view more)

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Barnes & Noble Drops Price of Nook Tablet

Under intense pressure from rivals Google, Apple, and Amazon, Barnes & Noble has decided to reduce the prices of its Nook Color and Tablet devices. The reductions range from $20 to $50. Barnes & Noble hardware takes two forms: the Nook Color ... and the Nook Tablet . The 7-inch Color is primarily an e-reader device that allows users to peruse electronic versions of books and share their collections with friends. The Nook Color features a 8GB hard drive. Until recently, it sold for $169 USD. However, that price has now been dropped to $149. Price of 16GB Nook Tablet Cut By $50 Barnes & Noble ... (view more)

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Barnes & Noble Slams Microsoft for Patent Abuse

Microsoft has been accused of patent abuse by Barnes & Noble by allegedly preventing manufacturers from using Google's Android operating system (OS), a product which competes with the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. The accusation comes ... just over a month after Microsoft filed suit against Barnes & Noble company for allegedly infringing on a number of patents with its new Nook e-reader device. Microsoft Declares 5 Ways Nook Infringes on Patent Back in March, Microsoft accused Barnes ... (view more)

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