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Hiding Addresses when Using a Distribution List

If you include a distribution list in the To or Cc box of an email message, all of the recipients -- whether members of the distribution list or not -- can see the addresses of individuals in the lists. Outlook does not retain the list name in the ... address field of the message but instead replaces it with the actual addresses from the list. In some cases, the members of a distribution list may not want to have their addresses made public, even to other members of the list. In these situations, address the message using the Bcc box, rather than the To or Cc box. To display the Bcc box in the ... (view more)

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Hide list of email addresses when sending message?

Infopackets Reader Harv S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I need to know how to list several addresses in such a way that no one knows who else received the message. If I list them separated with the semi-colon all addresses are sent to everyone. Would ... appreciate any help and thanks for your information site as it is really helpful. " My response: What you are referring to is called Blind Carbon Copy, or BCC. If you use Outlook Express: Create your message (or reply to message) Click view -> all headers in the message window BCC will be shown Insert the remaining email addresses in the ... (view more)

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