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Report: Cyber Crime Lowest in Denmark, US Ranks #3

The United States is the third safest country for cyber crimes according to a newly-published study. However, the methodology means that might not reflect the actual risk to users. The figures come from Seon, a security company that specializes in ... automatically detecting online fraud. That makes the results (and the decision to publish them) a little surprising as such a company would have an obvious interest in suggesting cyber crime is a particularly big risk in larger, wealthier countries full of potential customers. Overall the results showed Denmark as the safest country, just ahead of ... (view more)

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Being Blackmailed for Money on Facebook? Here's What to Do

Are you in a hurry because you're actively being blackmailed with sextortion? Contact me here using the contact form. I'll call back as soon as I can. In case I'm not immediately available, I'll also send you a link to a recent call I had with one ... of my clients so you can start on this straight away! The call is similar to 95% of all calls I take , though your circumstances may vary slightly. It provides insight to this crime, including an explanation of who might be blackmailing you, useful tips, and also explains how I can help. It's quick, convenient and 100% anonymous. If you have time, ... (view more)

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