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Bloggers Accused of Hacking for Opening Dropbox Link

A Californian city will pay $350,000 to two men it falsely accused of hacking its Dropbox account. Officials in Fullerton, California had actually sent a link that granted the access. The case involves two bloggers, Joshua Ferguson and David Curlee, ... who wrote about local government and regularly requested documents under public record laws. As some of these files were very large, officials would often upload them to a Dropbox folder and provide a link granting access. However, one such response in 2019 also mistakenly included a link giving access to a separate folder that included documents ... (view more)

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UAC Vulnerability Found in Windows Vista

A new analysis claims that over 90% of the Windows security vulnerabilities reported last year were made worse by users logged in with administrative privileges -- an issue Microsoft has been hotly debating recently. BeyondTrust Corp. (BTC), a ... software development company specializing in enterprise rights management, has indicated that the act of giving users administrative rights may leave systems more open to risk. The report issued by BTC was prepared by assessing security vulnerability bulletins released by Microsoft in 2008, and identifying specific "mitigating factors" (those that could ... (view more)

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Zooomer Offering Bloggers Free Pro Accounts

Zooomer is a new photo-sharing website that aims to be the site of choice for bloggers. To get us bloggers interested, they are offering free Pro accounts to bloggers. To get the free Pro account, all you have to do is host at least one image at ... Zooomer. Signing up for Zooomer is relatively easy to do Apply for an account. Upload an image. Cut and paste the html code. Next, blog one of your images. Finally, head back to their " Proitizer " page and type in the URL of your blog post. Bada-bing, bada-boom, you have 2.5 gigs. It's a no-brainer! Read more tech news at! (view more)

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Blogosphere (alternate: BlogSphere or BloggingSphere) is the collective term encompassing all weblogs or blogs as a community or social network. Many weblogs are densely interconnected; bloggers read others' blogs, link to them, reference them in ... their own writing, and post comments on each others' blogs. Because of this, the interconnected blogs have grown their own culture. The term blogosphere was coined on September 10, 1999 by Brad L. Graham, as a joke. It was re-coined in 2002 by William Quick (quite seriously) and was quickly adopted and promulgated by the warblog community. Many ... (view more)

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