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Quick Formatting in MS Word

Beginning with Word 2002, Microsoft added the ability to quickly format a word as bold or italic. To format a word as bold while you are typing, simply start with an asterisk, type the word, and end with an asterisk: If you type "make this ... *bold*,"the word "bold" will become bold and Word will remove the asterisks. To format a word as Italic, use underscores instead of asterisks, as typed below. Make this _italic_ This feature is not turned on by default. To enable this automatic formatting feature, follow the steps below: Click on Tools | AutoCorrect Options. On the AutoFormat As You Type ... (view more)

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Adding and Removing Items to the Quick Access Toolbar: Word 2007

You will notice at the bottom of the Ribbons in MS Word 2007 there appear small groups. Each group contains individual tools or controls. Suppose you are displaying the Page Layout ribbon and you really want to access the Home ribbon's Editing ... tools? That's where the Quick Access Toolbar comes into play! Any item on the ribbon, whether it be individual tools, groups and even dialog box launchers, can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). If you find that you use the Bold attribute quite often, it's a simple matter to add it to the QAT. Simply right-click on Bold and choose Add to Quick ... (view more)

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