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Multiple Footnotes with the Same Reference in MS Word

Recently a reader wrote to me about Multiple Footnotes with the same reference. Her question was: "I know how to do footnotes ... (view more)

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Changing Section Level Formatting MS Word

Most section-level formatting is controlled by the Page Layout dialog box found on the File menu of MS Word. The dialog box is made up of four tabs, each controlling a separate category of section formatting: Margins, Paper Size, Paper Source, and ... Layout. Margins Since margins are section-level formatting, when you change any margin at any point in a section, you change that margin for the entire section. If your document is just one section, then changing any margin at any point in the document changes that margin for the entire document. To change one or more margins: Click File | Page ... (view more)

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Insert Page Breaks: MS Word

As documents grow longer and extend past one page, MS Word automatically calculates how much room is available and starts a new page when needed (keeping widows, orphans, and other text flow options in mind). MS Word also allows you to specify where ... to begin a new page by inserting a hard page break where you want one. Sometimes you only need a short page, such as a cover page, or perhaps you want to start a new part of the text on a new page. You wouldn't want to have to press Enter repeatedly, just to force Word to insert a page break. Instead, you want to control where page breaks occur. ... (view more)

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