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'Ie Cache List Lite', and 'Why Reboot'

Ie Cache List Lite IECacheList Lite displays the contents of Internet Explorer's index.dat files, including 'lost' and hidden content. Why Reboot WhyReboot is a small (~60KB) Windows application that displays a list of pending ... file operations that will occur after rebooting your computer. (view more)

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Delete Bad Addresses: MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook tries to be very helpful and keeps track of the people that you correspond with. There are pros and cons to this behavior, however. On the plus side, Outlook remembers addresses you've used in the past, even if you have never ... stored them as Contacts and you can retrieve them by typing only the first few letters. The cons however, go on for a bit. The worst is that as you update your contacts, the AutoComplete name cache file remains static. So even though you have changed Aunt Mary's address several times in the last year, the one Outlook suggests when you start typing Mary ... (view more)


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