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Microsoft: Phishing Scam Targets Politicians

Microsoft says hackers have targeted at least three candidates for Congress. Security experts say the group behind the attacks has been linked to Russia's intelligence services. The revelation came at the Aspen Security Forum in a speech from Tom ... Burt, Microsoft's head of Customer Security ... (view more)

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Microsoft's Search for a New CEO Begins

Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer has announced plans to leave the Redmond, Washington-based firm in the next twelve months. It's a monumental change for a firm going through a difficult period in its history. Ballmer, who is 57 years ... old and originally joined Microsoft in 1980, says his firm has already appointed a special committee to interview candidates for the position. Microsoft co-founder and current chairman Bill Gates is said to be on that special committee. Dramatic End to a Roller Coaster Career Ballmer's tenure as CEO has been a tumultuous one. Ballmer was named CEO ... (view more)

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U.S. Presidential Candidates To Debate Online

In 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon made history by participating in the first televised presidential debates. Now, today's presidential candidates are set to make history once again. The Huffington Post -- a political blog run by Arianna ... Huffington -- is teaming up with Yahoo and Slate Magazine to host the first-ever online presidential debates. The debates will take place after Labor Day -- with one for the Republican candidates and another for the Democrats. PBS host Charlie Rose will moderate the proceedings. Prospective voters will be able to submit questions for the candidates, ... (view more)

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