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Google Censor 'Right To Be Forgotten' Links Backfire

A web developer has started a site which displays Google censored links, enforced by the " right to be forgotten " rules in Europe. It's another example of how such censorship rules aren't working as well as planned. The new rules came into force ... earlier this year after the European Court of Justice made a final ruling in a long-running case involving Google and a Spanish man . The man wanted Google to remove a link to a news article from the 1990s about his property being repossessed. The man said it was unfair that people who searched for his name online would see that ... (view more)

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Boston Man Charged $675,000 for Illicit File-Sharing

Last summer unlucky defendant Joel Tenenbaum was just the second individual defendant sued by the RIAA, or Record Industry Association of America, for illegal file sharing practices. His case led to an astounding $675,000 verdict in favor of the ... RIAA, and now a U.S. District judge has affirmed the original result. Tenenbaum, a 25-year-old Boston University student, was in July 2009 found guilty of illegally sharing just 30 files. The result marked only the second time an individual had been sued by the RIAA, who in an equally unpopular earlier legal crusade went after single mother Jammie ... (view more)

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