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Add Autonumbering to your MS Excel Spreadsheet

Autonumbering will advance your numbered rows and keep them current, even if you should delete or add a row. Unfortunately, MS Excel does not ship with an autonumbering feature (like that found in MS Access), that increments a number each time you ... add a new row. In Excel 2003 and 2007 however, you can use the Row function to add your own autonumbering to a list. Say you want to create a list of all of your school's classes and their corresponding learning materials. Follow the steps below to add autonumbering to the list: In A1, enter the formula below: =TEXT(Row(A1),"000-000") Enter the name ... (view more)

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YouTube 101

"You'll never get anywhere by watching TV all day." That has been a popular refrain uttered by mothers for generations upon generations. Today's mothers may even be saying the same thing about the Internet's version of television, YouTube. Only, ... this time, they're wrong. You can get somewhere by watching YouTube. Well, if you attend Pitzer College, that is. Pitzer has added a new course to its curriculum. The subject: YouTube. (Source: ) "The class is a lot of fun but it is also meant to be serious," stated the course's instructor, Professor Alexandra Juhasz. "It's a serious class ... (view more)

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