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Vizio Smart TVs Spied on Users; Sold Data to Ad Firms

Smart TV sets that passed on user data without permission might have to display a message suggesting users sue the manufacturers. It's an unusual proposal in a class action lawsuit. Last year Vizio agreed to pay $3.7 million in fines to settle ... investigations by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New Jersey attorney general. The TVs in question used Internet connectivity (providing the TV was connected to Internet access at the home by the user), which then utilized a feature called "Smart Interactivity". Though the feature was enabled by default, users could switch it off ... (view more)

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PlayStation Network Users Asked to Give Up Lawsuit Rights

Sony is attempting to get gamers to give up their rights to file lawsuits against the company over the breach of its PlayStation Network (PSN) which took place earlier this year. A new update to the PSN terms and conditions says that a user agrees ... that any dispute with Sony must be taken to a neutral arbitrator rather than going to the courts. This includes not only disputes about the terms and conditions themselves, but also any alleged breaches of the law. (Source: ) It's likely many users will simply click to agree the new rules without reading them. Those that do agree are ... (view more)

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Courts Favor Consumers Over Abusive EULAs

Two recent court rulings indicate that judges are paying closer attention to how corporations conduct online and technological transactions with their customers. This is good news for consumers. (Source: ) End User License Agreements ... (EULAs) are usually lengthy and full of all kinds of legalese. Almost all of them are one-sided and oppressive, offering consumers no choice but to take it or leave it. The first case of Gatton v. T-Mobile (PDF) involved a California Appeals Court that over ruled a provision in the EULA that required consumers to go through arbitration if they wanted to ... (view more)

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