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Apps Secretly Shared User Location Without Consent

A company that sells location data has apologized after some details were collected without permission. Huq says the data remained anonymous despite the lack of consent. The company's business model is to partner with app developers to collect ... location data, aggregate it, then sell the overall details to clients. These included businesses trying to figure out patterns in where potential customers will be, and local governments that want to know which areas are busy at what times, for example to prioritize repairs of street lighting. (Source: ) The problem appears to be that Huq ... (view more)

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Supreme Court Could Rethink Online Sales Tax

A Supreme Court judge says its time to re-examine laws that make it difficult or impossible to impose sales tax on many online sales. The decision could mean some states start collecting the tax without waiting for the law to change. Justice Anthony ... Kennedy made the comments in a Supreme Court ruling on a case involving the way Colorado attempts to collect sales taxes from companies based outside the state that sell goods to Colorado residents. At issue is Colorado's policy that any firm which does not collect and pay such taxes must provide extensive paperwork anyway. The ruling itself ... (view more)

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Reading the Fine Print Always a Good Idea

Sometimes, there's a good reason that the "privacy policy" has been placed almost invisibly at the bottom of the page, and that when you click on the link, it presents you with a mountain of microscopic legal-like gobbledygook in a document 24-pages ... long. The reason the policy is placed in a small, out-of-the-way location is simple: the site owners don't really want you to realize that you've just agreed to allow any information they collect about you or your PC to be distributed across the Internet for the rest of your life. But you'll miss that because you won't bother to read beyond the ... (view more)

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Vista Users Beware: Big Brother is Watching released a nice article regarding the plethora of Windows Vista "features and services" that collect, maintain and transmit your personal data to Microsoft and/or their "controlled subsidiaries and affiliates." If you're going to use ... Vista, you really don't have much say in the matter. Microsoft makes it crystal-clear that they're gathering information. The Vista Privacy Statement and the End User License Agreement (EULA) references most of these "features and services", but not all of them. "This disclosure focuses on features that communicate with the Internet and is not ... (view more)

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Using the Office Clipboard MS Excel

Microsoft Windows provides a temporary storage place called the Clipboard to store a file or copied or cut text or cells, etc. while you are rearranging things in your spreadsheet. The Office Clipboard improves on this by allowing storage of up to ... twelve items in version 2000 and up to twenty-four items in version 2003, including text, images and other elements from MS Office applications Such as Excel and PowerPoint. If you attempt to copy a 25th item, Word displays a message warning you that it will delete the oldest (the one that was copied into the Clipboard first) of the 24 items ... (view more)

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