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Google Cries Foul Over iMessage Color Scheme

Google has solved all the world's tech problems, tackled world peace, reversed climate change, and is now dangerously bored. At least that's the only rational explanation why it is now arguing with Apple on Twitter about the color that appears ... behind text in messages. The ridiculous row is about the iMessage feature on iPhones that lets users send messages free of charge over the Internet rather than through SMS text messaging. Originally only iPhone users could send messages on the service but in 2016, Apple extended it to Android devices through a Google Play Store app. Apple originally ... (view more)

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How to Fix: "Windows has detected your computer's performance is slow" (color scheme) Error

Infopackets Reader Judy G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm running Windows 7. Throughout the day, I often receive a message from Windows that says: 'Windows has detected your computer's performance is slow ... To improve performance, try changing the ... color scheme to Windows 7 Basic.' I click the option to 'Keep the current color scheme, and don't show this message again', but the error message 'Windows has detected your computer's performance is slow...' returns about 5 minutes later. I don't understand why this message appears, and I can't stop it from reappearing! It's incredibly annoying! Can ... (view more)

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Apply a Solid Background Color: MS PowerPoint

To select a solid background color in your presentation, follow these steps: Choose Format | Background to open the Background dialog box. Click the Background fill drop-down list to continue. Select one of the visible colors (colors associated with ... the presentation's color scheme), or click More Colors to pick a color from the standard palette or to create your own custom shade. After you have selected a color, you can click Preview to see what it will look like when applied to your slides. Click OK and Apply to apply to one slide, or click Apply to All to use throughout the presentation. As ... (view more)

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Change the Slide Color Scheme: MS PowerPoint

One way to alter the look of your visual aids in an MS PowerPoint 2000 presentation is to change the color scheme. The color scheme determines what colors are assigned to eight specific slide characteristics (such as fonts, backgrounds and bullets). ... Each template, even the blank presentation, comes with a set of color schemes -- the default that materializes as soon as you apply it plus several others. These predefined schemes have been specially selected to include colors that not only look good together, but that also supply a sense of balance. Still, you can choose to modify the existing ... (view more)

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