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'PDF Owner Guard', and 'Windows Command-Line Utilities'

PDF Owner Guard PDF Owner Guard provides PDF (portable document format) security, copy protection, digital rights management (DRM) and a distribution management solution. Together, these technologies are used as a copyright enforcement mechanisms ... and sometimes as an alternative mechanism to copyright law. Windows Command-Line Utilities This useful group of tools promises to make your Windows command line experience a much more convenient one. Included are: VSP: Very Small Pinger, SCRNMODE: Screen Mode Changer, RMMINUSR: Recursive Delete, DOFF: Print Date/Time With ... (view more)

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'Clonezilla', and 'Command-Line Fu'

Clonezilla Clonezilla is an open source bare metal backup and recovery (disk imaging) program.Clonezilla saves and restores only used blocks on the hard disk, increasing clone efficiency. At the NCHC's Classroom C, Clonezilla SE was used to clone 41 ... computers simultaneously. It took only about 10 minutes to clone a 5.6 GBytes system image to all 41 computers via multicasting -- impressive! Command-Line Fu Command-Line-Fu is the place to record frequently used command line arguments that you use again and again. Delete that bloated snippets file you've been using and ... (view more)

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'Moby Dock', and 'Command-Line Reference A-Z'

Moby Dock MobyDock DX is a fully customizable freeware launch bar - taskbar program that allows you to control your applications and folders while displaying some cool mouse-over animations. It can check your POP mail account, displays thumbnails ... for the running applications, displays popup menus for your favorite media-player allowing to control it from the dock itself, as well as a functional Clock and Recycle Bin etc. The integrated Microsoft Messenger support, weather checker, auto-focus and several other features will help you to explore, interact and keep your system under control in a ... (view more)

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