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Cyber Attacks on Businesses Doubled in 2014: Report

A new report suggests that hackers took aim at twice as many businesses in 2014 when compared to the previous year. The report comes from Russian security company Kaspersky Lab; its Global Research and Analysis Team says it detected seven major ... advanced persistent threats (or APTs) over the past twelve months, resulting in approximately 4,400 attacks targeting private sector organizations in an estimated 55 countries. Kaspersky researchers say that's more than double the roughly 1,800 corporations targeted by cybercriminals in 2013 . Sophisticated Attacks May Be Supported by National ... (view more)

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Firefox 6 and 7 Due by end of 2011

Mozilla last week launched the new Firefox version 5 web browser, but with it comes the news that Firefox 4 will be retired. The move to release Firefox 5 only a few months after version 4 (released in March this year) is a surprise to many users. ... The plan is to keep the open-source web browser current with new technologies; this follows with the 'rapid-release' business model, similarly used by Google Chrome and Apple. (Source: ) Firefox 5 is the first release as part of Mozilla's new rapid release plan. (Source: ) Slow And Steady Versus Rapid Release While rapid ... (view more)

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Leopard Claws Vista in Recent Survey

Computer World reports that Leopard recently dumped Vista in a corporate satisfaction survey. Mac business users were more than 5x more likely to say they're 'very satisfied' than Windows Vista users. A poll of 2,200 U.S. corporate computer users ... was conducted by ChangeWave Research in February. 53% of those using Mac OS X 10.5 reported that they were very satisfied. 40% of those using Windows XP and only 8% of those using Windows Vista said they were very satisfied. Paul Carton, director of research at ChangeWave Research says that Apple continues to set the standard for corporate customer ... (view more)

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Software Costs Projected to Decline

Amidst all the worries over Black Friday security threats and the random phishing scheme, there's finally some good news for home and business software users. According to research firm Gartner, computer software should begin to decline ... significantly over the next decade. According to Gartner research vice president William Snyder, there are a number of reasons for the projected slip in costs. Collectively, they could drastically change the relationship between those producing the applications and those who need them. In the past, software buyers have had little say in the cost of the ... (view more)

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Survey Explores Vista's Corporate Calamity

Why is it that Windows Vista hasn't completely taken over the operating system (OS) market? Is it glitches? Security concerns? Too many Microsoft-haters? According to one survey, it seems no one has a problem with the Redmond-based company at all. ... In fact, it's the success of its last OS that is keeping Vista on store shelves. In a recent survey of some six hundred U.S. and European companies employing over a thousand people each, 84% of all PCs continue to run Windows XP, Microsoft's last great OS. That's actually an increase of 67% from the year before, despite the fact that Windows Vista ... (view more)

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