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Bill Gates Predicts Future of Higher Education

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates says he believes the Internet is phasing out the traditional college experience. According to Gates, in this new educational environment downloading lessons and lectures (just as one would download a ... song or movie) will replace attending in-person lectures. Future Students to Download Courses, Gates Suggests Gates made the prediction during his keynote address at Microsoft's recent Research Faculty Summit 2013. The change, which Gates called "profound," could result in students using the Internet to download lessons or even entire courses from ... (view more)

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MIT Launches Online-Only Course

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most respected universities in the world, is planning to launch a course that can be taken entirely over the Internet. It's not enough for a degree in itself, but those who pass will earn a ... certificate. The course will be a prototype for online learning at the university. This is the first time such a high-profile institution has offered a course that yields a passing or failing grade, rather than one where students simply access the information and receive a virtual "attendance" certificate. Existing Course Makes Electronic Leap ... (view more)

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MIT For Free: Take College Classes Online At No Cost

For many aspiring students, getting into a top-flight university such as MIT, Yale, or Princeton is a lifelong dream. Unfortunately, that dream never becomes a reality for many of those eager pupils. Grades, finances, or any number of other ... obstacles can get in the way. With the front door firmly shut, very few people ever think about going around to the back. Surprisingly, the good news is that a number of educational institutions already offer courses to pretty much anyone -- for free. So, what's the catch? Most of the classes can't be taken for credit and will not count toward a degree. ( ... (view more)

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