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Spammer Ordered to Pay Facebook $711M, But is it Enough?

Facebook won an unprecedented $711 million dollar legal victory over one of the world's most notorious spammers, Stanford Wallace. While many feel that the triumph over Wallace is a just legal victory, critics argue that the decision could actually ... help spammers. Spam King Forced to Abdicate Throne Late last week, Judge Jeremy Fogel ordered Sanford Wallace to pay $711 million in damages for flooding Facebook with unwanted spam messages. Dubbed the "Spam King", Wallace would assume control of a victim's account and post dubious wall messages. (Source: ) The posts, which began ... (view more)

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Google Submits to Belgian Court Ruling

Google made an unexpected u-turn this past Saturday when they published a copyright infringement ruling regarding their (Belgian) web site. (Source: ) Earlier last week, Google was found guilty of copyright infringement. The ... Belgian court ruled that Google was required to stop publishing content from Belgian newspapers without prior consent or payment. The court also demanded that Google post the ruling on the site. (Source: ) On Friday, Google lost their appeal to overturn the court's ruling. Although Google initially agreed to stop publishing Belgian ... (view more)

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