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New Android Malware Most Powerful Yet

A newly discovered malware exploit offers hackers an incredible level of control and access. Fortunately the creators appear to be highly targeting their victims, though it's still a threat to ordinary users. Dubbed Skygofree, the malware affects ... users of the Android smartphone operating system. It is said to give the people behind the malware the ability to remotely carry out 48 different operations on an infected phone. These include targeted controls not previously seen, as well as more common malware exploitations. Some of the 'normal' options for the malware creators include the ability ... (view more)

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McAfee: Hackers Targeting Major Oil Companies

According to a recent report from security firm McAfee, Chinese cyber criminals have been leading coordinated and covert attacks on major Western energy companies since November 2009. McAfee, which has dubbed the cyber terrorism offensive 'Night ... Dragon', says oil and petrochemical firms have been affected. Perhaps the most surprising finding in the report is that many of these major companies, which have not been named, do not appear to have had particularly robust defense measures in place. "The attacks were not very sophisticated and did not use any zero-day exploits ," noted McAfee Labs ... (view more)


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