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How to: Force Download Windows 10 Fall Update

Infopackets Reader Frank T. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks for your ongoing coverage on Windows 10. My question is: how can I download the Windows 10 Fall Update (version 10586) to my machine? It downloaded automatically onto my laptop, but not my ... main PC. I searched online on how to download Windows 10 Fall Update but came across conflicting reports, some of which worked and some that don't. Can you help? " My response: I also did some research on this as I was having the same issue. My server PC downloaded Windows 10 Fall Update but none of my other PCs did, even though everything was ... (view more)

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Process Throttling

Yesterday I wrote about a problem concerning the usage of the mail queue on the infopackets web server. To recap: whenever the Infopackets Gazette newsletter is sent out (to the list of readers), some emails are entered into a temporary holding area ... (called a "mail queue") if they are unable to reach the recipient. This is a potential problem for the infopackets web server because the mail queue can "overflow" and cause the server to run out of storage spac e. Recall: The Mail Queue Polling solution I was able to save the web server from potentially running out of space by ... (view more)

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