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Windows 10 Bug Could Strain Hard Drives

Microsoft is testing a fix for a bug that could theoretically shorten the lifespan of some hard drives. The bug means Windows 10 was mistakenly running the defrag tool more frequently than designed. Defragging has long been available as a way to ... make hard drives run more efficiently. It deals with the problem that when a computer deletes a file, it leaves empty physical space behind on the drive. The next time it writes a new file it will look for the first available suitable sized space. Over time this can lead to wasted gaps on the physical drive. In turn, this means traditional hard drives ... (view more)

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Explained: How to Defrag a Network Drive (NAS or Remote PC)

Infopackets Reader Ron C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have several drives on my network that I'd like to defrag, but none of the defrag software programs I've tried allow me to defrag a network drive. Any suggestions on how to defrag a network drive, ... or a program that can provide this functionality? " My response: The reason you can't find a program to defrag a network drive is because this is not possible - the easiest way to explain "why" is that the remote drives are owned by another operating system. Simply put: your system does not have permission to move these files around. With ... (view more)

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Beware Fake Windows Defragmentation Tools

PC security and fraud analysts are today warning users of the alarming online spread of fake defragmentation tools for Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS). These fraudulent programs, referred to as scareware, are sold to consumers to "fix ... their PC," based on an illegitimate warning message, but perform no necessary function. Bogus Defrag Tools Flood Online Market GFI-Sunbelt Security recently posted a warning online their blog, stating that many bogus defrag tools have made their way online in recent weeks. The company recommends users steer clear of several deceptive products ... (view more)

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Magic Defrag: Vs Diskeeper, et al?, Part 2

Over the weekend I received a handful of interesting comments from Readers concerning the ' controversy ' over Ashampoo and Magic Defrag . Infopackets Reader Thomas W. begins with some findings cited by a well known computer magazine in Germany: " ... Here's some interesting news regarding the Magic Defrag 'controversy': the German computer magazine C't -- well known for its objective side-by-side tests -- tested Diskeeper 9 and Norton's Speed Disk versus the Defrag built into Windows XP. The consensus of the article was that Diskeeper does not provide much of an advantage over Windows ... (view more)

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Magic Defrag Review

Infopackets Reader Jim M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I always have problems running Microsoft Windows defrag because it continually restarts and takes forever to finish. A lot of the time I have to restart my computer in Safe Mode and run defrag just to ... get it to finish properly -- and most of the time it takes 2 to 4 hours to complete and I cannot use my computer! I am writing you today because I just finished reading your latest article on PowerUp XP Platinum 2 , and noticed that you briefly mentioned a program called Magic Defrag. Can you please tell me how this works? I've never heard of ... (view more)

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