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How to Fix (Permanently): Hundreds of Cab_XXX Files in C:\Windows\Temp

Infopackets Reader Bob P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am running Windows 10 and I have thousands of cab_xxx files in my c:\windows\temp directory. Many of the files are 135 megabytes each, while some are 0 bytes. They keep generating themselves ... throughout the day, and I can't seem to stop it! The problem is that I am almost running out of disk space. You've fixed my computer using remote desktop support before so I am more than willing to have you look at it again. Thanks! " My response: I connected with Bob using my remote desktop support service and found some very interesting things. ... (view more)

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ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1 Review

Synopsis: Are you tired of using below standard, run-of-the-mill digital photo editing software that came free with your Digital Camera? Wish you could produce professional looking photos and share them with friends and family -- all with little ... time and effort? Then look no more! ColorCoded PhotoStudio is a full, feature-packed photo editor, slide-show viewer, organizer, web album maker, and the last photo solution you'll ever need for manipulating, organizing, and sharing your digital pictures. Now that's a mouthful! ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page ... (view more)

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