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Gov't, ISP Website Blacklisting to be Less Effective

Mozilla is to make an important change to Firefox browser security. It could reduce risks for users, but has raised concerns among governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as it could limit their tools for filtering and monitoring online ... activity. The change has to do with a feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), and will first affect users in the US. It's already possible to enable DoH in Chrome, but it takes some technical know-how because the feature currently isn't widely used. DoH is all to do with the DNS (Domain Name System), which is effectively the phone book of the Internet ... (view more)

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Web Server Upgrade, Part 2

After pumping out that 3-part series on Shopping for an LCD monitor , I've decided to take a break and let you all know what's happening with the web site. I mentioned a few newsletters ago that I had to fork out some serious $$ for a new web ... server. I ordered it at the beginning of this month and have been waiting patiently to register my own nameserver. Nameserver? What did you name your server? Actually, a nameserver is a technical term for a database record which points to the location of a web site. I have two nameservers for my web site and their names are ns1.infopackets.com and ns2. ... (view more)

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