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Verify Action Type for File Association

Infopackets Reader Berlin B. writes: " Dear Dennis, As part of my stringent preventive maintenance plan, I recently ran AdAware 6.0 and Norton AntiVirus software on my PC. Norton reported a number of 'at risk' files on my system. After I ran AdAware ... 6.0, the document files listed in the My Documents folder now show a .DOC extension with no associative icon. When I try to click these files, a window appears and asks me to select the appropriate file extension. It also warns me that if I select the wrong type, the file may become unusable. I was unsure what to do, so I ran System Restore ... (view more)

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Word Perfect 2000 won't read MS Word documents?

Infopackets Reader Warren P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm a new member of your newsletter and have a question! I have Word Perfect 2000 installed on my computer. It appears that I am no longer able to open Microsoft Word (.DOC) files. Earlier versions ... of .DOC files opened up in Word Pad. Any ideas? " My Response: There are a few possibilities that I can think of. Either: a) The Windows file association for .DOC files may have changed and no longer points to Word Pad, or b) The .DOC file could have been corrupt and is producing an error message. In this case, try to obtain another copy and avoid ... (view more)

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