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Pacemakers 'Recalled' Amid Hacking Concerns

Around 465,000 pacemakers have been 'recalled' over hacking fears. However, the St Jude Medical brand devices will be patched with a software update rather than removed and replaced. The pacemakers are radio controlled to allow doctors to alter the ... specific rhythm they aim for when regulating a heart beat. This radio control means doctors can adjust to the patients changing needs without the need to remove the pacemaker for alterations. That's important as the surgery for such a removal is inherently risky. No Signs Of Hack Attacks While the precise details haven't been revealed for obvious ... (view more)

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Service Links Patients with Doctors Via Video Chat

A new service aims to connect people with a real doctor through their Internet-connected device. It's called telemedicine, and for some people it could be the most efficient way to receive a diagnosis and access a prescription. The service is being ... offered by American Well, which says it's the first company to connect patients to doctors via live video chat sessions. American Well (AW) is by no means the first 'telemedicine' company -- Teladoc, First Stop Health, and Apogee Doctor On Call all connect patients with doctors using a phone line -- but AW is the first firm to allow medical ... (view more)

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Doctors Sold on iPad Mini, Survey Shows

Apple's new iPad Mini is receiving a ringing endorsement from physicians. According to a recent poll conducted by medical app developer Epocrates, one in three doctors have made the decision to purchase the device. Contemporary competitors like ... Microsoft (with their Surface line of tablets released last month) have invested tremendous resources in beefing up their display and touch features. However, the small size of the iPad Mini has become the biggest selling point for 90 per cent of the Epocrates survey's respondents. The other advantage of owning an iPad Mini, according to doctors ... (view more)

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