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Is the Laptop Dead? Best Buy CEO Says No Way

With the rise of Apple's thin n' flashy iPad and a slew of Windows 7-powered rivals , one might think the common laptop's day had passed. Not so says the CEO of big box electronics retailer Best Buy, who notes that such ideas are "grossly ... exaggerated." In a statement on Best Buy's site late last week, company CEO Brian Dunn offered his opinion of reports that the Apple iPad's impressive sales were taking their toll on the growth of notebook computers. "The reports of the demise of these devices are grossly exaggerated," Dunn said, adding that predictions that laptop sales will continue to ... (view more)

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The Hewlett Packard Scandal

In the world of technology, the law is broken everyday. Whether it be hacking, piracy, or another corporate antitrust suit, shady business is far from unusual in the industry we cover at Infopackets. With that said, the recent events surrounding ... Hewlett-Packard's executives does actually seem rather unique and has industry insiders, understandably, calling for a flushing of that company's top brass. The story behind HP's recent scandal sounds more like "Nixon" than "Hackers." Already being labeled by some as "Patriciagate," the uncovered news of HP Chairman Patricia Dunn's decision to ... (view more)

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