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Scientists: Internet Usage Affects Brain Waves, Memory

Psychiatry experts say using the Internet could "affect our brain's structure, function and cognitive development." An international group of researchers say that as a result of Internet use, we may be losing our abilities to concentrate on a single ... task. The theory has to do with the way many people access the Internet - particularly with email and social media, which often means getting a string of notifications that oftentimes demand immediate attention. This means people spend less time consistently working on one task uninterrupted, which then creates a "use it or lose it" effect on ... (view more)

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'Three Strikes' Policy Targets Illegal File-Sharing

Authorities in New Zealand are currently testing a new "three strikes" policy designed to reduce copyright infringement. It's not yet clear, however, if the idea is having a significant deterrent effect on illegal file-sharing. The 'test' policy is ... based on the idea that a customer deserves two warnings about his or her alleged infringements, and then can face serious consequences for a third instance of illegal activity. In New Zealand, a law introduced last year allows a copyright holder to take a three-time infringer to a special tribunal where they can be fined as much as NZ $15,000 ( ... (view more)

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'Virus Effect Remover', and 'WinCDEmu'

Virus Effect Remover Virus Effect Remover helps you to remove the effects of viruses from the Windows Registry and file system. It also detects registry errors caused by viruses, and more. http://viruseffectremo.sourceforge.net WinCDEmu WinCDEmu is ... open-source software that allows for mounting CD and DVD images by clicking the image files in Windows Explorer. It supports both Windows XP and Vista and completely freeware. Version 2.0 supports ISO, CUE, BIN/RAW/IMG file formats as well as SMB network shares and includes a workaround for Windows cache bug. Each mounted image will be represented ... (view more)

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